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Policy documents 

Policy Name

1.11.1(2) Bag Valve Mask Resuscitators in GWAHS Facilities
1.11.3 Safe Use of Patient Related Electromedical Equipment
1.12.2 Needle and Syringe Program Guidelines
1.13.4 Non-Invasive Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
1.13.5 Triage Learning Package
1.13.6 Falls Prevention Learning Package State Wide Infant Screening Hearing Use of Accuscreen and Algo 3 Screening Units Children and Infants with Asthma Acute Care Management Management of Children and Infants with Bacterial Meningitis Children and Infant with Croup Acute Management Children and Infants with Fever Acute Management Rescinded and Infants with Seizures Acute Management Paediatric Oxygen Administration Children and Infants with Gastroenteritis Acute Management Identifying and Reporting Children and Young People at Risk of Harm Central Contact Point and Exchange of Information Community Midwifery Early Postnatal Discharge Program Home Visit and Discharge Community Midwifery Early Postnatal Discharge Program Access and Eligibility Admission to Non Mental Health Facilities for Children and Young Persons with Mental Health Problems / Disorders Antenatal Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring EFHM Mangement of Post Partum Haemorrhage Amnisure Birth Registration Rescinded Domestic Violence Routine Screening Domestic Violence Identifying and Responding Data Dictionary & Collection Requirements NSW Minimum Data Set Drug & Alcohol Services Dosing Facilities in Public Hospitals for Patients on Opioid Treatments Opioid Dependent Persons Admitted to GWAHS Hospitals Management Assessment and Management of Amphetamine Type Stimulant Users Provision of Letters of Attnedance and Court Reports Mandatory MH-OAT Documentation and Data Collection Requirements Rescinded Mandatory Mental Health Outcomes & Assessment Tools (MH-OAT) Clinical Documentation & Data Collection Requirements Individual Management Plan to Address Challenging or Difficult Behaviour in Mental Health Settings Rescinded Case Review Processes for Mental Health Patients / Clients in Inpatient & Community Health Facilities (2) Metal Detector, Use of Rescinded Use of Mobile Phones in MHIPU (Non Staff Members) Rescinded Guidelines for the Promotion of Sexual Safety in Mental Health Inpatient Units Rescinded Pharmacological Management of Acute Behavioural Disturbance in Adult Mental Health Inpatient Units Checking of Patients Property in Mental Health Inpatient Units Management of Alleged Patient Sexual Assault in MHIPU Rescinded Identification of Severity and Frequency of Challenging Behaviour in the Elderly Rescinded Management of Patients Detained under the Inebriates Act (1991) Patient Care Levels, Specialling and Risk Assessment for Mental Health Inpatients Approved Patient Leave - Mental Health Inpatient Units Rescinded Duress Alarms, Use of in Mental Health Inpatient Units Pistol Safes, Use of in Mental Health Inpatient Units Discharge Against Medical Advice Rescinded Self Medication Education Program for Mental Health Rehabilitation Consumers Drug & Alcohol Guidelines for Nurse & Midwives Referral to Drug & Alcohol Services Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal Clinical Guidelines Psychosocial Intervention in Drug & Alcohol Services Discharge Planning in Drug & Alcohol Services Management of HBV, HCV and HIV - Blood Borne Viruses in Drug and Alcohol Services Opiod Treatment Ptrogram Clinical Guidelines
1.2.1(2) How to write a Clinical SOP Rescinded
1.2.11 Accepted Abbreviations Rescinded
1.2.14 Patient Leave of Absence Gate Leave from Hospital Adults Acute Inpatient & MPS Facilities
1.2.3 Authority to Practice (2) Rescinded
1.2.4 Nursing DoHRS - Staffing Details Report (2) Womens Health Registered Nurse Management of Depot Medroxyprogestrone Acetate (DMPA) Management of Pap Test Results and Referral Womens Health Clinical Practice Guidelines Guidelines for Physical Activity Groups
1.22 Radiology
1.23.6 Facility Based Non Incentre - Non Satellite Haemodialysis
1.24.17 Roles and Responsibilities of Nursing Team Leader "In Charge" of Shift
1.24.7(3) Clinical Nursing / Midwifery Specialist Applications Sexual Health Screening by Designated Womens Health Nurses Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening by ED Clinic Staff and Community Health Primary Clinical Care Sexual Health Manual Non Occupational Post Exposure Prophylaxis (NPEP) Sexual Health Services and Designated Emergency Departments
1.26.5 Travelling Endoscopy Service Procedures for Nurses
1.27.1Transfer of Patients for Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography ERCP
1.27.2 Inpatient Transport and Escort Guidelines
1.27.3 Patient Transport Endorsed Enrolled Nurse Education
1.27.4 Transportation of a Patient Not Requiring a Nurse Escort
1.27.5 Emergency Procedures for Patient Transport
1.28.13(2) Medication Patients Own
1.28.15 (2) Storage and Handling of S4D and S8 Drugs in Patient Care Areas Rescinded
1.28.17(2) Paracetamol Use
1.28.21 Nurse Initiated Medications Rescinded
1.28.22 Emergency Telephone Orders for the Administration of Medication where the Medical Officer is unable to be present
1.28.23 Administration of Medications by Oral Syringes
1.28.24 Supply Home Oxygen
1.28.25 Post Vaccination anaphylaxsis Response with Adrenaline
1.28.26 Vaccination Procedures
1.28.27 Vaccine Cold Chain Management
1.28.28 Administration and Prescribing of Warfarin
1.28.29 Use of Complementary Medicines and Alternative Therapies
1.28.3(2) Administration and Checking of Intravenous MedicationsChecking Intravenous Therapy and Medications
??? ??_?????1.28.30 Medication Prescribing
1.28.30 Medication Prescribing
1.28.31 Medication Handling in Public Hospitals - Patient Care Areas
1.28.32(2) Medication Handling in a Multi Purpose Facility (MPS)
1.28.33 Medication Handling in Residential Facilities
1.28.34 Medication Handling in Nursing Homes
1.28.35 Intravenous Iron Polymaltose Infusion (Adult)
1.28.36 Assisting Children and Young People to Take Prescribed Medication Whilst Attending Activities, Organised by GWAHS Employees, that occur outside a GWAHS Facility
1.28.37 Venous Thromboembolism Risk Assessment and Prophylaxis
1.3.10 Delirium Management
1.3.11 Restraint and Seclusion Use in the Elderly in Acute and Aged Care Settings
1.3.12 Community Aged Care Guidelines
1.3.13 Community Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Heart Failure, Diabetes and Asthma
1.3.9 Aged Care Assessment Program Guildelines Aged Care Assessment Team Protocols and Procedures for ACATS in NSW Manual
1.30.3(2) Wound Drainage System - management of Haemovac / Bellovac / Survac
1.30.4 Wound Management
1.30.5 Management of Lower Limb Ulcerations in Diabetes Malnutrition Screening
1.5.1(2) Use of Cancer Institute NSW eviQ Cancer Treatments Online Website
1.5.2 Complementary Therapies
1.5.3 Complementary Therapies - Aromatherapy
1.5.4 Complementary Therapies - Relaxing Massage
1.5.5 Complementary Therapies - Reiki
1.6.1 Patient Identification ? Correct Patient, Correct Site, Correct Procedure
1.6.1(2) Patient Identification - Correct Site
1.6.10(2) Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses and Midwives in GWAHS
1.6.14(2) Competency Standards for Midwives
1.6.15(2) Competency Standards for NP
1.6.16(2) Patient Client Rights and Responsibilities
1.6.17(2) Complaint Management
1.6.18(2) Code of Ethics for Nurses and Midwives in GWAHS
1.6.2 Utilisation of Joanna Briggs Institute On-Line Services Rescinded
1.6.24 Delegation and Supervision for Nurses and Midwives
1.6.25 Communication Tool- ISBAR Rescinded
1.6.26 Consent to Medical Treatment
1.6.26 Consent to Medical Treatment
1.6.27 Clinical Handover Standard Key Principles
1.6.28 Requirement for Effective Nursing Shift to Shift Handover
1.6.29 Nurses & Midwives Portfolio of Practice Rescinded
1.6.30 Admitted Patients Death Screening Process
1.6.31 Nursing Skill Mix and Concurrent Rostering in General Ward Areas
1.6.8(2) Competency Standards for Registered Nurse
1.6.9(2) Competency Standards for the Enrolled Nurse
1.7.12(2) Observations / Vital Signs Minmum Standards for Adults in Acute Care Setting
1.7.13(2) Guidelines for Administration of Blood components
1.7.16 Changing a Baxter 'Infusor' Pump
1.7.18(2) Guidelines for Management of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC)
1.7.21(2) Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Prevention Policy
1.7.22 Removal and Replacement of Gastrostomy Devices With Internal Retention Balloons in the Adult Patient
1.7.23 Falls Injury Prevention
1.7.24 Traction Management of Inpatient
1.7.25 Performing Spirometry Community Acute Post Acute Care Services Management of Cellulitis
1.9.13 Telemetry Monitoring Rescinded
1.9.14 Toponin Testing in Acute Coronary Syndrome
1.9.15 Requirements for Resuscitation Trolleys
1.9.16 Autonomic Dysreflexia - Guidelines for Emergencies Rescinded
1.9.17 Insertion of Laryngeal Mask Airways LMA By Registered Nurses
1.9.18 NSW Health Snakebite and Spiderbite Clinical Management Guidelines
1.9.4(2) Responsibility for Triage of Patients in GWAHS Emergency Departments
2.0.1 Delegations Manual July 2006 Rescinded Certificate Currency Motor Vehicle Safety Rescinded Grading and Regrading of Positions Cultural Diversity Occupational Health & Safety Rescinded Occupational Health Exposures (other than Infectious Diseases) Role of Leadership in Prevention & Management of Psychological Injury Staff Fitness to Continue (Non Work Related) Staff Injury Treatment Rescinded Waste Management Rescinded Ergonomics Workplace Hazard Management System Incidents Requiring Notification to WorkCover OHS Incident Reporting & Investigation Compliance with WorkCover Activities OHS Consultation Management of Sick Leave Absences Rescinded Working from Home Rescinded OHS Guildelines for Contractors OHS Bariatric Patient Management Plan Manual Handling Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities Rescinded Security Rescinded Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods Electrical Testing & Tagging Rescinded Equipment/Plant Safety & Maintenance Rescinded Noise Management Enterprise Risk Management Rescinded Claims Management Injury Management & Early Return to Work Redeployment in Relation to Worker Comp Claims Mediation in the Workplace Engagement in Union Activities Secondary or Outside Employment Bisley Corporate Clinical Catalogue Bisley Corporate Non Clinical Catalogue NSW Health Order Form - Allied Health NSW Health Order Form - Clinical NSW Health Order Form - Non Clinical Uniforms and Dress Code Exit Survey form version Exit Surveys and Interviews Communicating the Code of Conduct Time in Lieu of Overtime (TIL) Allocated or Additional Days Off (ADO's) Health Managers Remuneration - Progression Through Salary Bands Grievance Management Facilitating Student Placements Negotiation of Student/Clinical Placement Agreements
3.10.1 Health Care Assocaited Infection Clinical Indicators & Occupation Exposure Reporting
3.4.1 Reprocessing of Flexible Endoscopes and Accessory Equipment
3.9.1 Multiple Resistant Organism (MRO) Prevention and Management
Additional Workforce Development resources, forms and guides are held in the Workforce Development e-Manual Site
Administration of Blood and Blood Components Powerpoint
Admitted Patient Death Review Screening Tool
Area Infection Prevention and Control Spines
Attachment 1_SOR Template
Attachment 1_SOR Template_11-6-08
Attachment 2_Example System Selection Evaluation
Attachment 3_IM&T Business Case Template
Attachment 4_IM&T Business Case brief
Basic Life Support - September 2006 Powerpoint
Basic Life Support, November 2006 Powerpoint
Blood Product Checklist / Consent Form
Bullying and Harrassment Powerpoint
Clinical Competencies, Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilisation Procedures for Flexible Endoscopes and accessories
Clinical Midwifery Specialist (CMS) Grade 1 Position Description
Clinical Midwifery Specialist Grade 2 Position Description
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Grade 2 Position Description - Superseded -
Clinical Nurse Specialist Position Description Grade 1 - Superseded -
Clinical Operations Main Volume Three
Communication Strategy - Superseded -
Corporate Branding policy - Superseded -
Cover Page - clinical ops Vol 2 - Superseded -
Cover Page - clinical ops Vol 3 - Superseded -
Cover Page - clinical ops Vol 4 - Superseded -
Cover Page - Clinical Ops Vol 5 - Superseded -
Cover Page - Clinical Ops Vol 6 - Superseded -
Cover Page - clinical ops VolL 1 - Superseded -
Cover Page - Clinical Ops Volume 7 - Superseded -
Cover Page - Corporate SOPs Manual Vol 1 - Superseded -
Cover Page - Corporate SOPs Manual Vol 2 - Superseded -
Cover Page - Corporate SOPs Manual Vol 3 - Superseded -
Cover page Area Infection Prevention and Control Rescinded
Cover spine inserts - Corp SOPs Manual Vol 1 and 2 Rescinded
CPAP Learning Package
Documentation Powerpoint
Drug and Alcohol Powerpoint
Falls Prevention Powerpoint
Fire Safety Training Powerpoint
First Home Visit Safety Check
Flowchart of SOP Process - Local
Governance Statement
Governance Statement - Superseded -
Greater Western AHS Delegations Manual 19 April 2010 Version 1.1.9 Rescinded
Greater Western AHS Delegations Manual January 2011 Version 1-1-10
Greater Western AHS Delegations Manual Vers 1.1.7 June 2008 Rescinded
GWAHS Clinical Operations Register - Superseded -
GWAHS Media and Communication Protocols
GWAHS Triage Package
GW_GL2010_001 Maximum Doses of Psychotropic Drugs
GW_GL2010_002 Monitoring of QTc Interval in Patients Treated With Psychotropic Medication within Mental Health Inpatient Units
GW_IB2010_001 Information Bulletin Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009
GW_IB2010_002 Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 ? Contractor Information & Consultation Information Bulletin
GW_PD2010_001 Accommodation (Residential) Guidelines
GW_PD2010_001 Staff Accommodation (Residential) Policy
GW_PD2010_002 Contractor Management: Model Contractor Agreements Policy
GW_PD2010_003 Volunteer Occupational Health Safety Management Program Policy
GW_PD2010_004 Occupational Health & Safety Policy
GW_PD2010_005 Risk Management: Enterprise Wide Policy and Framework
GW_PD2010_006 Asbestos Awareness and Management Policy
GW_PD2010_007 Fundraising Guidelines Policy
GW_PD2010_008 Burials - Exhumation of Human Remains Policy
GW_PD2010_009 Contractor OH&S Management Program Policy
GW_PD2010_010 Employee Health Assessments Policy
GW_PD2010_011 Corporate Governance Policy
GW_PD2010_012 Quality Improvement Policy
GW_PD2010_013 Fraudulent and Corrupt Conduct - Prevention and Control Policy
GW_PD2010_014 Legislative Compliance Organisational, Management and Staff Obligations Policy
GW_PD2010_015 Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities Policy
GW_PD2010_016 Motor Vehicle Safety Policy
GW_PD2010_017 Security Policy
GW_PD2010_018 Management of Sick Leave Policy
GW_PD2010_019 Accepted Abbreviations Policy
GW_PD2010_020 Advanced Care Directives Policy
GW_PD2010_021 Metal Detector, Use of in Mental Health Inpatient Units Policy
GW_PD2010_022 Consumer Participation in Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services Policy
GW_PD2010_023 Visiting in Mental Health Inpatient Units Policy
GW_PD2010_024 Discharge from a Mental Health Unit Against Medical Advice Policy
GW_PD2010_025 Guidelines for the Promotion of Sexual Safety in Mental Health Services Policy
GW_PD2010_026 Multipurpose Services - Policy and Operational Guidelines
GW_PD2010_027 Nurse Initiated Medications Policy
GW_PD2010_028 Individual Management Plan to Address Challenging or Difficult Behaviour in Mental Health Settings Policy
GW_PD2010_029 Policy Directive, Information Bulletin and Guideline Development and Management Policy Rescinded
GW_PD2010_029 Policy Directive, Information Bulletin and Guideline Development and Management Templates Revised Rescinded
GW_PD2010_030 Storage and Handling of S4D and S8 Drugs in Patient Care Areas Policy
GW_PD2010_031 Telemetry Monitoring Policy
GW_PD2010_032 Approved Patient Leave - Mental Health Inpatient Units Policy
GW_PD2010_033 Policy and Guidelines for Leg Ulcer Assessment and Management
GW_PD2010_034 Healthier Food & Drink Choices - Staff & Visitors in NSW Health Facilities Policy
GW_PD2010_035 Electrical Testing and Tagging Policy
GW_PD2010_036 Staff Injury Treatment Policy
GW_PD2010_037 USB Storage Devices Policy
GW_PD2010_038 Use of Electronic Devices with Audio-Visual Recording and/or Inter Connection Capability in Mental Health Inpatient Units (Non Staff Members) Policy
GW_PD2010_039 Use of Standardised Communication Tool for Escalation of a Clinical Concern (ISBAR) Policy
GW_PD2010_040 Waste Management Policy and Plan Policy
GW_PD2010_041 Screening For Weapons in Mental Health Inpatient Units Policy
GW_PD2010_042 Use of Baths in Mental Health Inpatient Units Policy
GW_PD2010_043 Use of Broadcast Email Policy
GW_PD2010_044 Movement of ICT Desktop Hardware Policy
GW_PD2010_045 Urgent and Routine Pathology Testing Definitions Policy
GW_PD2010_046 Point of Care Pathology Testing (POCT) Policy
GW_PD2010_047 Complaint or Concern About a Clinician - Principles for Action & Management Policy
GW_PD2010_048 Clinical Ethics Processes in NSW Policy
GW_PD2010_049 Lookback Policy
GW_PD2010_050 Incident Management Policy
GW_PD2010_051 Open Disclosure Policy
GW_PD2010_052 Web Publishing Policy
GW_PD2010_053 Safe Introduction of New Interventional Procedures Policy
GW_PD2010_054 Reportable Incident Briefs Policy
Incident Notification Training Powerpoint
Index Policies Alphabetical GWAHS July 11, 2011
Index Policies Numerical GWAHS July 11, 2011
ISBAR Powerpoint
Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) Insertion for RNs Powerpoint
Learning Package - Laryngeal Mask Airway LP reformatted
Manual Handling Combination Powerpoint
Medication Management Powerpoint
Nurses and Midwives Porfolio of Professional Practice
OH&S Powerpoint
Paediatric Basic Life Support - Powerpoint
Performance Plan Clinical Midwifery Specialist Grade 2
Performance Plan Clinical Nurse Specialist Grade 2
Performance Plan Grade 1 Clinical Nurse Specialist
Perfromance Plan Clinical Midwifery Specialist Grade 1
Policy Binder Covers - Superseded -
Policy Binder Spines - Superseded -
Privacy Training Powerpoint
Procurement Procedure - GWAHS Standing Orders
Registered Nurse Development Plan
Request for Endorsement of Standatd of Practice
S8 and S4D Medication Audits
Severe Burns Transfer Information Chart
Signage Standards & Specifications Manual Rescinded
SOP Table July 2009 Rescinded
Spine - Clinical Operations - Volume 7 - Superseded -
Spines - clinical ops Vol 1 and Vol 2. - Superseded -
Spines - clinical ops Vol 3 and Vol 4 - Superseded -
Spines Clinical Ops Vol 5 and Vol 6 - Superseded -
Standing Order - AHS Specific
Standing Order - Medical Officer Specific
Standing Orders - generic
Supervision and Delegation for Nurses and Midwives Powerpoint
Table of SOPs - Sept-Oct 2009 - Superseded -
The Greater Western Area Health Service By-Laws have been revised as of 1 July 2010.
Transfusion Reaction Notification Form
Vital Signs Powerpoint