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Aboriginal Cadetships 


The NSW Aboriginal Nursing & Midwifery Cadetship Program involves Aboriginal students undertaking full-time study in an undergraduate nursing or midwifery degree or a Diploma/ Certificate IV in Enrolled Nursing whilst being employed in a NSW Public Health facility. FWLHD supports this program and is actively involved in this program providing employment at local facilities and support to cadets.


To increase the number of Aboriginal people working in the nursing and midwifery profession across the NSW Public Health sector and provide an opportunity for Area Health Services (AHS) to assist in improving Aboriginal health through education and employment.

What the Cadetship Offers

  • Study allowance of $600 per fortnight whilst at University.
  • Employment for 12 weeks fulltime in your local hospital.
  • Receive support from a Mentor, Clinical Preceptor and Program Coordinator.
  • Ongoing employment once graduated.

If you are interested in a Aboriginal cadetship, for further information please contact:

Tel: 1800 155 325 |  Email: aboriginalnursing@doh.health.nsw.gov.au


Timothy O'Neill

Manager Nursing Leadership & Workforce Development      

Kincumber House

PO Box 457

Broken Hill NSW 2880

Ph: 08 8080 1329

Mobile: 0439152438