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e-Mental Health

This page links to a number of online MH programs that can be used by consumers, clinicians and carers.

mindhealthconnect is an Australian Government website that can be used by consumers, carers and clinicians. It provides trustworthy health information and a number of online MH programs.

Crufad- Crufad focuses on online education and treatment for the health and well being of individuals. It provides interactive courses that help adults and school students deal with and understand Depression and Anxiety.

The moodGYM- The moodGYM aims to help identify and overcome emotions that may become issues and to demonstrate how to develop coping skills for the future. It is an interactive program that consists of different modules such as understanding emotions, assertiveness and interpersonal skills training. It is a tool that allows individuals to understand emotions, manage stress, increase self-esteem, improve personal relationships and develop ways to cope with difficult events.

Beyond Blue e-mental health-Beyond Blue provides a directory to e-mental health programs that are run through external organisations. The site provides education on a variety of mental health issues such as personality disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harm and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.