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Programs and projects

Aboriginal Mental Health Program

To be developed.

Disaster Support and Rural Adversity

To be developed.

Family and Carer Mental Health Program

The Family and Carer Mental Health Program is delivered in partnership between the MHDA service and CentaCare providing support for families and carers of people living with mental illness. The Program provides a range of services including one on one support, information, referral pathways, education and social connections that support families and carers health and wellbeing throughout their caring journey. The Program develops structures, supports and information resources so that families and carers are recognised, supported and included in treatment planning and service provision across the Local Health District.

Opioid Treatment Program

The Opioid Treatment Program is located at the Broken Hill Health Service. It is a free program that offers methadone or Suboxone (buprenorphine plus naloxone) for opioid treatment. The aim of the OTP is to help people reduce or eliminate other opioid use, improve the health, psychological functioning and well-being of individuals and families, facilitate social rehabilitation, reduce the spread of blood-borne diseases associated with injecting opioid use and reduce the risk of overdoses and deaths associated with opioid use.

Rehabilitation and Partnerships

To be developed.


The School-Link position is a partnership between the NSW Ministry of Health and the Department of Education. The role is a link between school staff and CAMHS to provide holistic care to young people with mental health issues. The School-Link Coordinator is also involved in local interagencies that promote good health to young people and develop strategies to deal with issues facing them.

Specialist Mental Health Services for Older People

To be developed.