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Intangible Storytelling Project

The Intangible Storytelling Project shares the journey of carers, supporting someone they love living with mental illness, from the Far West of NSW. Intangible has been themed around the local landscapes, allowing a common visual link to the communities the carers live in and a connection with the underlying themes of intangible – tempest, isolation, diversity, connections, resilience, rejuvenation and thriving.

The resilience these carers have, their strengths and hopes can be reflected within the landscape … from dust storms that can turn day into night in a matter of minutes, years of drought and water restrictions to overnight flooding, from parched earth to wildflowers as far as the eye can see …

Speaking up and being identified in a small community can be as daunting as it is empowering. Being allowed the privilege of entering another’s world and sharing their story with us takes much courage. These stories reflect strength, insight and unconditional love.

Perhaps Intangible will allow you to stop, take a moment, reflect on your own views and maybe for some even change the way you think. For those of you who are supporting a loved one living with mental illness, we hope Intangible will remind you that you are not alone and inspire you to stand up, acknowledge your very important role and be heard.

There are family and carer supports available to mental health carers across the Far West Local Health District. For further information please contact the Family and Carer Mental Health Coordinator on 8080 1525 / 0428 965 310.

Stories from Intangible (click on the video play button):

Freda’s story






Isobel’s story

Karrie’s story

Margot’s story

Pat’s story