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What is Speech Pathology?

Speech Pathologists see people who have difficulty with: swallowing food and fluids (eg coughing during a meal); speaking clearly so others can understand, or speaking fluently (eg. stuttering); voice quality (eg hoarseness); and language skills, ie understanding others and expressing themselves, which may also include reading and writing difficulties.  These disabilities may be due to stroke, cancer, or other diseases such as Parkinson’s.

Children may experience difficulty with any of the above areas as they are developing.  Hearing ability is an important factor in a child's speech and language development, so a hearing test is recommended.  Oral language skills are the basis for learning and literacy development. 

After an assessment, education and treatment is provided, with appropriate exercises, programmes, strategies and/or modifications, to assist in improving a person’s communication and swallowing abilities.  Participation by parents/carers with the client, in attending sessions and following the suggestions given, is vital in achieving progress.

What services do Speech Pathologists provide in Broken Hill?

Speech Pathology offers services to children and adults who are inpatients of Broken Hill Hospital, as well as children and adults in Broken Hill and communities within the Far West Local Health District.

Where is Speech Pathology?

The Speech Pathology department is located in the Broken Hill Hospital. When entering the main foyer from Thomas St, take the first corridor on your left and proceed past the Hydrotherapy Pool to the Reception area on your left.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm

How to Contact

Telephone: 08 8080 1411

How to Access Service

Children are referred by the parent/carer contacting the above number and the child's name will be entered on the prioritised waiting list.  A questionnaire will be given or sent to the parent/carer of the child when an appointment can be offered.  Parents/carers are asked to provide hearing test results, school counsellor or specialist reports.   

Adults are asked to contact the department, and bring with them a letter from their doctor if they have one.  Adults will be seen as appointments are available according to priority of need.



Clinical Placements


For undergraduate or graduate entry students interested in securing a clinical placement at Broken Hill Health Service or any health service within Far West LHD, please contact John Walker, Manager Student Placement Services at 08 8080 1241 or john.walker2@health.nsw.gov.au.