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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is about enabling people to participate in the activities of everyday life. Occupational therapists have a broad education with skills and knowledge to work with individuals or groups of people who have barriers to participation in their chosen activities. Occupational therapists understand that a person’s ability to perform their everyday activities can be limited by a variety of environmental, physical and cognitive factors. An occupational therapist will assess and target their therapy to address the various factors that are affecting a person’s occupational performance for the things that we need and want to do in our lives.

What services do Occupational Therapists provide in Broken Hill?

Occupational Therapists in Broken Hill work in: the community, people’s homes, schools and the hospital. Occupational Therapists work with

  • children with disabilities
  • children who having difficulty with school related tasks for example handwriting
  • adults with disabilities
  • people whom have had a stroke
  • elderly people wanting to maintain independence and safety at home
  • people who have had falls
  • people with dementia
  • people who have undergone surgery
  • hand therapy
  • splinting
  • or any other condition or illness limiting function in daily activities

The Occupational Therapy department can provide; information, advice, assessment, therapy, rehabilitation, equipment for short term loan (and completing funding applications for long term equipment hire), seating posture and positioning, group therapy, advice on home modifications, discharge planning.

Occupational therapists work collaboratively with members of the multidisciplinary team consisting of; Dietitians, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Pharmacists, Nursing Staff and Medical Professionals.  The Occupational Therapists also provide outreach services to Wilcannia, White Cliffs, Menindee, Tibooburra and Ivanhoe as needed.  The Occupational Therapy department at the Broken Hill Health Service supports Occupational Therapy student fieldwork placements.


Where is Occupational Therapy?

The Occupational Therapy department is located in the Broken Hill Hospital. When entering the main foyer follow the signs to Occupational Therapy.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8am-4.30pm


How to Contact

Telephone: 08 8080 1411


How to Access Service

To see an Occupational Therapist a referral is required. A referral can be completed by a GP, another health service or other professional.  The referrer sends this referral to the Occupational Therapy department. As there may be a high demand for services, the referral is placed on a waiting list and prioritised based on the urgency of the person’s needs compared to others on the waiting list.  When an Occupational Therapist is available an appointment will be offered.

Clinical Placements


For undergraduate or graduate entry students interested in securing a clinical placement at Broken Hill Health Service or any health service within Far West LHD, please contact John Walker, Manager Student Placement Services at 08 8080 1241 or john.walker2@health.nsw.gov.au.